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I'm Caroline



Once I graduated,  I was pleasantly surprised to receive so many job offers. I had never realized that a CV packed with only student jobs could have such a positive impact on my career. I quickly started as a "junior event manager" at for D-side group, a Brussels-based event agency. I organized events for clients such as Google or Besix Group. That was pretty intense but so inspiring!


Next to these jobs, I was organizing promotional actions for an international lifestyle magazine based in Brussels. Over a period of five years, I had to book and manage 20 students every month. 

At the same time, and for a period of 3 years, I organized and promoted parties and events for Les Jeux D'hiver in Brussels

Afterwards, I created my own event and called it Bohemian.Brussels. I've been organizing it for the past 3 years and every time I am amazed by how successful it has become.

No need to tell you that my spare time as a student was quite limited! But I enjoyed my lifestyle more than anything else. Thanks to all these jobs, I travelled and  visited places I would never have imagined or dreamed of.



So I had been working for staffing agencies for 10 years before joining D-side group where I worked for an additional 2 years when the idea of launching my own business came. 


These 12 years of on-site experience allowed me to gain a good expertise of the needs and the challenges that arise on both sides when managing an event. 

As I've always had a hidden entrepreneur mindset and because I was surrounded by truly inspiring people, I wanted to do something crazy as well:

Launching my own version of a staffing agency. My desire was to add innovation to each step of the process by reducing time and effort for clients. I also wanted to focus on my workers by creating a real community.

To make it happen, I joined an incubator called 'Start.Lab' in March 2019 and I was astonished by the speed at which this whole adventure took off. 

Even though, at that moment I still hadn’t launched my company. I already had a few clients who were sending me job requests.

To respond to their needs, I launched my company within the two following weeks and "Hey Charlie" was born!





Since I turned 16, and up until the completion of my communication and PR degrees at Ihecs, I worked for approximately 10 different staffing agencies across Belgium. I absolutely relished working on different events every week. After a few years, I was rewarded with more responsibilities and the opportunity to progress.



Working with these amazing Charlie's for more than a year has filled me with joy. I'm also ecstatic to always collaborate with wonderful clients and partners. Having their trust and being able to build long term relationships with them is an extraordinary feeling but as always in life, I do believe that the best is yet to come!

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