I'm Caroline


Once I graduated, I received loads of work opportunities. I did not realize that a packed CV could have such an impact on my career. I quickly started as "junior event manager" at D-side group, an event agency in Brussels. I organized events for clients such as Google. That was pretty intense and so much inspiring!


Next to these jobs, I've been organizing promotional actions for an international lifestyle magazine based in Brussels. Over a period of five years, I had to book and manage 20 students every month. 

Furthermore, I received the opportunity to organize and promote events in the Jeux D'hiver in Brussels during 3 years.

Afterwards, I came up with my own event, called Bohemian.Brussels. I've been organizing it for 3 more years.

No need to tell you that my free time as a student was quite limited! But I enjoyed my lifestyle more than anything else. Especially because all these jobs allowed me to travel and  visit places I could never have imagined or dreamed of before.


So I've worked for staff agencies for almost 10 years before spending 2 years on the other side by organizing events.

These 12 years of experience on site allowed me to have a clear view of both sides and to understand every need and challenge of each.

As I've always had a hidden entrepreneur mindset and because I was surrounded by some inspiring people, I wanted to do something crazy as well:

 launch a staffing agency on my own way. My desire was to add innovation on each process step by reducing time and effort for customers. I also wanted to focus on my workers by creating a real community.

To make it happen, I joined an incubator called 'Start.Lab' in March 2019 and I was surprised by the rapidity that this whole adventure took off. 

Even though, I haven't started by that time, some future customers were already sending me staff requests.


I then launched my company within two weeks to answer their demand. "Hey Charlie" was born!



Since the age of 16 and besides my communication & PR studies, I've been working in approximately 10 different staffing agencies in Belgium. I really much enjoyed working on different events every day and every weekend.

After a few years, I was rapidly given responsibility and the opportunity to make progress.


Working with amazing Charlie's for more than a year now makes me happy. I'm also super glad to collaborate with wonderful clients and partners. Having their trust and being able to build long term relationships is an extraordinary feeling. I do believe the best is yet to come!

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